Crystal Clear Persuasion by Lyn Cash

Shrink Wrap series

Elloraís Cave

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781419910166

Reviewed by Erys



As embarrassing as it is to have your bossí wife tell you that you need to get laid, itís even worse when she tells you if you donít take a vacation youíre fired. To top it all off, Shylaís boss sends her to a therapist who gives her a vibrator and sets her up with a day at the spa and mentions that getting laid would be a good thing.

Crystal Clear Persuasion is a light, fun romp with plenty of steaming sex and interesting dialogue. There wasnít much conflict in this story, and what conflict there was, was resolved quickly and painlessly, almost as if it hadnít really been an issue. Sometimes you want a light yet hot and satisfying read, and this book did satisfy. This was book three in the series, so I plan to look for the first two books and see if they are as engaging as this one.


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