Crème Brûlée Upset by Laurel Bradley

Champagne Rose

The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60154-172-4

Reviewed by Tanya



When Mike Tucker dumps crème brûlée down Chef Patrice Wilson’s dress whites, she knows it’s time to forget her life-long crush and move on. It isn’t until she’s no longer speaking to him that Mike realizes he’s loved her all along. His just-before-Christmas campaign to win her back involves four nosy parents, three scoops of ice cream, two other suitors, and a Don Quixote singing troubadour.

Patrice has known what she wants for years, and both her and Mike’s families are behind her.  But the problem is that Mike thinks there is too much of an age difference between them and does everything he can to distance himself.  What he doesn’t realize is that all this time, he has come to count on Patrice's love and patience.  Now that he has publicly humiliated her, destroyed a wonderful creation, and she is no longer speaking or writing to him, he is suddenly faced with what is really important.  Of course, now he is going to have to fight for what he could have had easily all along.

He is on a full-out campaign to win her back.  But can he keep his mouth shut and his jealousy in check while she dates others and helps out friends?  Or will he blow all his hard work and the potential for the “brass ring”?

Ms. Bradley’s character Patrice deserves a Nobel prize for patience, at least from the way she was portrayed in Crème Brûlée Upset.  Personally, I would have walked away a lot sooner, but Ms. Bradley does a wonderful job in setting the stage for why Patrice doesn’t.  But enough is enough and when she does, the author does a wonderful job of making Mike see what he is doing and what he is giving up.  They way he goes about getting her back (if he can) and all of the jealous side stories, as well as the secrets she keeps and the friends she helps, will make you root for her all the more.  I was thoroughly entertained by Crème Brûlée Upset and think you will be also.  Okay, so I also am now craving crème brûlée, but such is the price to pay.


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