Crazy for the Cowboy by Cindy Spencer Pape

Love at the Crazy H

Wild Rose Press

Contemporary, Paranormal

ISBN 1-60154-043-4

Reviewed by Raine



Sheriff Fitz Hall does not trust women from big towns to ever be happy in small towns. So when Shirley’s newest resident, Ree, comes to run a bookstore left to her by inheritance, Fitz awaits the day she will become bored and leave. But distancing himself from the little whirlwind redhead seems to be virtually impossible.

Ree feels at home in Shirley, Wyoming, as soon as she arrives. After having a detached upbringing, the small town everyone-knows-everyone is very appealing to her. She loves her bookstore, the town's people, and the independence of being on her own.

Ree and Fitz meet under some very unusual circumstances and they seem to gravitate towards each other whether they wish to or not afterward. Ree is thriving on the friends she is making in Shirley. Fitz can’t believe that someone as new age as Ree could ever be happy in a small town setting for long. Crazy for the Cowboy is a heartwarming story I loved, with Ree and Fitz battling their minds over what their heart’s desire is telling them. Cindy Spencer Pape did an excellent job creating two very independent characters along with the ghostly appearances to guide this willful couple together.


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