Crazy for Kate by Kelly McDonough

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary (Sweet) Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-602-7

Reviewed by Tanya



Chris is a construction worker who has a strong sense of family.  Since his high school and college sweetheart broke up with him once he revealed his secret, he has not really dated, and in fact, thrown himself into his work.  So much so that his sisters are starting to worry about him and one cons him into helping at their church's local fund raiser.  When he finds out that the woman he considers the most gorgeous one in town needs help at her booth, he jumps at the chance.  She is even more beautiful than he remembered and now she is divorced with two wonderful young daughters.  So Chris asks Kate and the girls out for ice cream.

Kate is stunned that this hunk seems to be interested in her and more importantly, takes time to play and talk with her daughters.  Their own father doesnít even give them the time of day and here is this man she is attracted to who seems to fit right in.  Is she hoping for too much to think they could be the family she always dreamed of?

Chris falls madly in love with Kate and her girls.  But he is not completely truthful with Kate. He hasnít told his secret yet and is worried if the growing attraction will be killed when he does?

Crazy for Kate is a truly sweet inspirational romance story.  The author does a fine job of fitting both characters' past insecurities and current attractions into a real life romance.  I could just see Chris asking Kate and her daughters out on a date, and taking things slowly so that they all can adjust to the changes in their lives.  It is truly one of the sweetest stories that I have read in a long time and it made me sit back and sigh in contentment when I finished it.  If you are looking for a thought-provoking, genuine story, then Crazy for Kate should be high up on your list.


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