Cowgirl Up and Ride by Lorelei James

A Rough Rider Book

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance/Ménage Plus 

ISBN: 1-59998-895-X

Reviewed by Tanya



AJ Foster has been in love since she was five years old.  Too bad her dream cowboy has only seen her as his little sister’s best friend, and therefore, a little sister for her entire life.  What he and everyone else have not realized is that AJ is determined to get what she wants. She just has to wait until the timing is right -- when she is home from college taking care of her mother who has broken her leg.

Cord is stunned when he notices little Amy Jo at a bar and before he knows that she is also “AJ,” he's asking those around him who the hottie is.  He is further surprised when she actually propositions him.  She is relentless and he finally gives in to a short-term affair.  AJ doesn’t want a short affair, but she will take what she can get.

The fun and games might just be what they both need.  But what will happen when their time is up?  Will either have learned anything about the other's heart?  Or will they have just had a great affair?

Cowgirl Up and Ride made me cry, which isn’t a bad thing.  It means I was so involved in the story that I was upset with something in this “fiction world.” I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I’m now searching for any other stories that Ms. James has written about this extended cowboy family.  She also did a wonderful job of weaving the characters' histories through the story.  I thoroughly enjoyed Cowgirl Up and Ride and think if you like contemporary western romances, you will, too.


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