Court Appointed by Annmarie McKenna

Serving Love

Samhain Publishing

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 1-59998-861-5

Reviewed by Cassie



Federal Judge Jackson Benedict is trying a case involving the favorite son of a notorious family, when he begins getting suspicious “gifts” and threatening notes.  Despite his objections, Federal Agent Trey London insists he needs protection.  Jackson is attracted to Trey, and Trey seems to feel the same, but will Jackson live long enough to do anything about it?

Court Appointed takes the stereotypical “important person needs protection and falls for the bodyguard” story and gives it an interesting twist.  Making both parties men changed the dynamic of the story considerably, especially when Jackson thinks Trey is overreacting or treating him like a woman.  Sexy, determined Trey and stubborn Jackson are both likeable characters.  The love scenes are hot.  The suspense angle was well done for the most part, and coincidences and red herrings kept it interesting.  Really, the only flaws in this book were Jackson’s father, whose over-the-top, controlling behavior seemed a bit much, and the resolution of the stalker angle, which I thought was abrupt.  Overall, Court Appointed was a hot and entertaining read, and I give kudos to Annmarie McKenna for turning an old romance cliché into something new. 


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