Converge by Chris Owen

Torquere Press

M/M Fantasy Sci-fi

ISBN: 978-1-60370-235-5

Reviewed by Ley



Sitting in his sandbox, playing with his toys, three-year-old Finn Cormag witnesses the moment that would determine his lifeís path, Ari Sloanís birth.  Finn and Ari live in the same world but different dimensions.  Living in the Alpha dimension allows Finn the ability to see into the lives of those living in the Beta dimension, but his only focus over the past 30 years has been Ari.  Now a scientist in the Alpha dimension, Finn discovers a way to use the Between space of the two dimensions to get closer to Ari, and going against better judgment he allows Ari to become aware of his presence. 

Now able to speak to and see each other, but not touch a friendship builds between the two men at the same time Alpha security increases around the Between space putting Finnís life at risk.   Use of the Between space is forbidden in the Alpha dimension and could lead to death if caught and with no proven evidence it is also believed that passing through the Between space can also result in death.  With Alpha security aware of his actions Finn makes the choice to risk his life to cross the between space into the Beta dimension, Ariís world.

As a sci-fi story, Converge is fantastic, but on the romance level Iím a bit discouraged.  There is more to the story than just Ari and Finn, there is Ben, Ariís boyfriend and Blake, Finnís colleague.  Circumstances arise to come between Ben and Ariís otherwise comfortable and what appears to be a happy relationship, Benís not a bad guy and he and Ari did love each other.  As for Finn and Blake, I hoped for more to develop between them, but Ari was and is Finnís only focus.  Finn and Ari did develop a connection between one another that could possibly be the start of something beautiful, but there are many obstacles for them to overcome beginning with Finnís adjustment to living in the Beta dimension.  Converge gives you a lot to think about on a scientific level, and it definitely leaves you wanting for more.  Chris Owen will be giving plenty more in the sequel Merge, but unfortunately we have to wait until May to read it.


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