Constantine by Alicia Sparks


Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN 9781419912788

Reviewed by Elysia



Helen is an antiques dealer who is also responsible for keeping a powerful stone from the creatures of the world that would use it to destroy life as we know it. Constantine is the ancient emperor of Rome, cursed to roam the earth as an immortal. Can the two of them put their mistrust aside to work together and defeat an enemy?

Constantine by Alicia Sparks has an interesting premise. I like the rewriting of history to create a world that regular humans know nothing about, but I felt cheated through most of the story. It seemed as though this was intended as part of a series, but I couldn’t find any evidence of more stories related to it. We were presented with some facts, but we seemed to be missing essential information that was integral to truly understanding the story. I also never felt much for either of the main characters. There was no character growth that I could recognize, despite Constantine coming to the realization that he was in love with Helen – two or three times - and I never felt any chemistry between the two. Much of Constantine seemed pared down to the bare facts and sex. I think this would have done much better as a longer story with more information for the reader.


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