Command Me by L.A. Day

Adventures in Space, Book 2

Changeling Press

Futuristic, Sci-Fi

ISBN:  978-1-59596-964-4 

Reviewed by Jambrea



Commander Michel Giat is being forced to watch the generalís daughter.  It shouldnít be a problem to keep his eyes on a child.  The only problem is the generalís daughter is anything but a child.

Jade Valant is happy to be away from her fatherís over-protective hand and to spend time with the commander.   She has seen him from afar and she is ready for a closer view.

Will Michel convince himself that he can have the generalís daughter? Or is their relationship doomed to fail from the beginning?  Can Jade convince Michel that her father isnít in their way?

Command Me is Michelís story and it starts off with a funny case of mistaken identity.  Poor Michel. Jade is such a handful, but I think he is up for the challenge. Ellie is also introduced as Jadeís droid, so maybe there is hope for Ro, the comic relief of the story. Command Me is a great follow up to Owned and Michel can command me any time he wants to. 

L.A. Day really delivers and this book is no exception. Command Me is another great read from Ms. Day.


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