Combat by K.S. Augustin

Samhain Publishing

Romantic Sci-Fi Futuristic, Red Hots!

ISBN: 1-59998-714-7

Reviewed by Indy



Participating in an illegal tournament is the only way Ebony Strike can help the starving people from her planet. Willing to risk harm if it will help the masses. She’s sure with her intelligence and fighting skills nothing but a few bumps and bruises will stand in her way. That is what she thinks until she meets her competitor. Aldanen is more than what he seems, an agent working to bring the tournament to an end he has tricks and secrets up his sleeve. Secrets that threaten Ebony’s mission to win enough money to help her people. Ebony and Aldanen have more to worry about than their reasons for being there as the two become participants in a drug induced sexual feast that brings them together in ways neither could imagine.

One of the beauties of the sci-fi genre is the ability to design worlds and races that have their own distinct personalities. In Combat the range of creatures, some human in nature, most not was pretty fascinating. K. S. Augustin wrote this story in first person, so as you read along you’re actually experiencing all of Ebony’s fears, excitement and shots of adrenalin as she conquers one opponent after another. Some what of a dark shadowy story, Combat makes the pulse zing and the heartbeat race as you wonder if Ebony’s streak of good fortune in the tournament will eventually run out.


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