Coiled Revenge by Sara Thacker

Crimson Rose

The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60154-027-2

Reviewed by Lisa



Marissa Santos has left her husband and plans to embark on a new life.  In fact, a whole new body too, as she is serious about getting stronger with the help of her trainer Ally Underwood.  One tiny problem, she still loves her husband.

Detective Tony Santos reaches for his wife in bed at night but of course she isnít there anymore.  This separation is killing Tony, tearing him apart every day.

Marissa and Tony lost their daughter Ashley to a horrible tragedy.  Parents should never outlive their children the saying goes and how true it is.  The final nail in the marriage as far as Marissa is concerned is Tonyís long, long hours as a detective in their small tourist town Juniper, Texas on the Gulf.  Tony wants to reconcile badly, and secretly so does Marissa who is hiding a big secret of her own.  To further complicate matters, a madman is on the loose, a possible serial killer who rapes, dismembers and then murders his victims.  The killer is leaving clues that are driving Tony crazy because they seem to connect to his daughterís death somehow and he is worried sick that Marissa is on the killerís list as well. Marissa and Tony must find a way to communicate their secrets and their love before tragedy comes knocking at their door again.

Coiled Revenge is a strong, fast paced murder mystery that focuses on the detective in charge, his wife and their crumbling marriage.  Marissa and Tony are walking wounded; two souls who have suffered unimaginable tragedy and donít know how to even begin to heal.  I felt their pain through the story and I enjoyed the variety of characters and their flaws, which made them so real to me and made the tale more powerful. Coiled Revenge explores people, personalities and defying the odds within a gruesome whodunit with sincerity and style.


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