Wiseguys: Christmas in Idaho by Aaron Michaels

Torquere Press

Contemporary Romance (M/M)

Reviewed by Sabella



Tony and Carter are still wandering around the country in their van looking for a place that feels like it could be “home.”  As they wander into Idaho, Carter decides to learn how to ski, but while shopping for ski stuff they discover that maybe they haven’t left their lives as wiseguys behind like they thought.  However, they might have discovered a place they might want to call home.

Wiseguys: Christmas in Idaho is a fun, sexy and hot story that catches us up on Tony and Carter.  As before, these two are so hot they might melt your screen all the while getting to know Tony and Carter better.  This time when they find themselves in the middle of nowhere helping the very type of person they would have shaken down in their previous life and finding that they like this side just as much.  Christmas in Idaho is an entertaining glimpse into Tony and Carter’s new life.


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