Charmer by Tuesday Morrigan

The Firm, Book 4

Changeling Press

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-798-5

Reviewed by Lisa



Lancaster Lionheart is extremely frustrated because his favorite protégé, Daniela Davis,  refuses to see reason and intends to resign as his top lawyer at the Lionheart Law Firm.  Daniela won’t be reasonable; she won’t even give any real explanation.

The best negotiator at Lionheart, Keegan Lionheart is always able to charm clients and businessmen into seeing things his way, the firm’s way.  Of course Keegan’s hidden empathy skills among other things don’t hurt in negotiations.

Keegan is asked by his father to find out why Daniela wants to leave and to charm her into staying.  Daniela has no intention of telling a man she considers a father figure that her biological clock is banging loudly.  She does however confide in Keegan, who promptly agrees to help her find Mr. Right if she agrees to stay.  Now what happens if Mr. Right is really Mr. Not Quite Ready who has a whopping big secret as well?

A welcome and definite stand alone addition to The Firm series, Charmer is delightfully smooth and deeply sensual.  Daniela and Keegan are smart characters, both alpha enough to lead the other on a wild dance of who’s the boss and who’s on top.  The sex between Keegan and Daniela is flaming hot and the plot is fast paced and fun making Charmer a story worth its weight in large male kitties!


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