Challenge Protocol by Dawn Ryder

Outside Protocol, sequel

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9781419916014

Reviewed by Lisa



Captain Dack Tyden, Lt. Logan Brackton, and the rest of the team live a life of near isolation, doing everything in teams of two and watching each other's back for their protection, their very lives.  Even women they are with must be willing to accept they will be a part of a ménage a trios.

A mercenary group called Black Water wants the military talents of Dack, Logan, and company, but threaten the men with death once the offer is refused.  The men work as consultants now, troubleshooters in the dark, under the radar.

Miss Cambria Jones is a tough talking, African American, smart aleck twenty-something who is 100% loyal to her family. Her best friend is Mia, a tiny Asian dynamo who works for a horrible boss but can’t find the backbone to quit because her parents would have a fit.  They don’t approve of Cambria and her willful ways at all.

Finally, Cambria convinces Mia to quit her lousy job and helps her gather her things when she meets Dack and Logan.  The two men are instantly attracted to the striking and feisty Cambria.  They have no intention of letting the woman of their dreams get away, but there are major obstacles in the way, like getting Cambria to accept two men in her bed and keeping them all safe from Black Watch and certain death.

Multiple layers, steady pacing, and sizzling sex made Challenge Protocol a riveting and steamy story that I truly enjoyed.  The characterization was strong, such as sassy Cambria and her blossoming relationship with Dack and Logan, plus loads of white hot heat between the three!  Author Dawn Ryder deftly ties together a tale of suspense, sexual surrender, and the test of friendship.  Reward yourself with a thoroughly entertaining page-turner called Challenge Protocol.


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