Caught in the Devilís Hand by Ruby Duvall

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419907838

Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Shumei lived in a civilization where a simple thing as hair color determined your rank on the social latter.  Black-haired people like Shumei were considered to be born under sin, therefore, their souls were doomed and they were treated almost like slaves unlike the brown-haired or the much desirable blond-haired villagers.  Yet when a deadly disease wiped out the majority of townís population, the survivors turned to Shumei to provide medicine for the sick and it didnít help matters much that the sick included her brother and mother.  Because she was the sole medicine provider, Shumei ran out of her medicine supply more quickly than she normally would, so she had to make an emergency visit to the herb field near sundown -- a time that was usually forbidden due to the demons that roamed the woods during the night.  Wouldnít you know it -- on her way back home, Shumei was captured by a handsome sex demon by the name of Vallen.  In order to return to her sick mother and brother, Sheumi struck a deal will Vallen.  A deal that instantly brought much pleasure to the both of them and more importantly, uncovered the buried truth concerning the magical powers of black-haired people. 

Danger, envy, lust, love, touching, and trustworthiness were a few expressions that I used to describe Ruby Duvallís Caught in the Devilís Hand.  This complex tale was just as intense as it was magical, and I found myself easily caught up in Ms. Duvallís sixteen-century Japanese-style storyline.  Shumei and Vallen were total opposites; yet, they fit so well together.  Where Shumei was an innocent heroine (in every since of the word), Vallen showcased a masterful art of sexuality just as any true alpha hero would.  This made for some very exciting, spicy, sensual sexual encounters between the two.  Their passion was truly heartfelt and a spectacular event.  I couldnít get enough of this couple.  Bravo to Ms. Duvall for creating such an extraordinary novel!


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