Catch Me If You Can by Rose Middleton

Ellora's Cave


ISBN:  9781419911248

Reviewed by Jambrea



Emma has a plan and Lenny isnít going to know what hit him. 

Emma has always been attracted to Lenny, but the two were partners on the police force and Lenny has a rule about dating co-workers.  After Lenny was shot on duty, Emma leaves Australia for LA to start over.  Now they both work for the same boss and Lenny has come to LA to check out his bossí new club.  Imagine his surprise when he learns that Emma is in charge and she is nothing like he remembers.

Emma will use all her charm to get Lenny in her bed and teach him a lesson.  She wants to show him what heís missing.  Can Emma turn Lenny around?  Will Lenny break Emmaís heart?

Catch Me If You Can is a wonderfully refreshing story.  The history and chemistry between Emma and Lenny is off-the-charts hot!  I love Lenny.  He is so unsure of Emma and what she wants.  He is so tempted, but he stays strongÖfor a little while.  You just canít stop a woman with a mission. 

Rose Middleton took these two wonderful characters and gave them a story to remember.  Catch Me If You Can asks the tough question: do you ruin a friendship with sex?  I think Ms. Middleton handled it beautifully.  She threw in a couple of hurdles, but her characters jumped them like World Class Track stars!  Iím going to have to check out what else Ms. Middleton has to offer.


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