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Carolina in the Storming by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh


Beautiful Trouble Publishing

I/R Erotica

ISBN: 978-1-936271-03-0

Reviewed by Nellie



Carolina Gilchrist-Williams was much more than just a southern black woman, she had curves in the right places with a temper to match, a culinary virtuoso and PhD’s under her belt. She was on a mission and that was to care for her pregnant ‘Baby’, her niece. No one was going to stand in the way of her nurturing instinct, even the fine, brawny specimen of a blond man. His name was Mackenzie Roberts, a heart breaker she conceded but what set him apart was his ability to challenge her mentally and physically.

She came into his life blazing a trail all fire, feisty, vibrant and short-tempered and hence Mackenzie’s introduction to Carolina. Mackenzie was a guest and was doing a job in extending his best friend’s house. He was doing more than overseeing the construction but also marking Carolina as his territory and challenging all the males within her vicinity. Their relationship was cemented when Mackenzie brought home a man-boy who Carolina claimed as her own and they fought against those that sought to hurt him.

Smokin’: Carolina In The Storming is an erotic romance that transports you from historical treaties, to spiritual consciousness. I loved the dialogue, which was more like foreplay, the humor and the simmering passions. When the two main characters succumbed to their passion, I could hear the choir and orchestra singing and playing  ‘Hallelujah, ’ When it couldn’t get any better a new entity is introduced in the equation when Carolina claims a boy as her own. The twists, acceptance of unconditional love and some southern big momma drama, it had it all.


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