Carnal by Nathalie Gray

Lycan Warriors, Book 3

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419914683

Reviewed by Indy



Having been pulled back from the jaws of death, Dragana doesnít know if she has the will to live anymore. Coming back with the knowledge sheís in the hands of a brutal sadist only adds to the depth of her despair and the knowledge that sheís not alone doesnít make it any better. Cristoval, the leader of massive resistance group shares her fate, torture and experiments as a madman tries to determine the normalities of the lycan form. No matter how big and tough Cristoval is heís known from first glance that the Valkyrie warrior woman was the love oh his life. It doesnít matter that Dragana was brought back from the dead, that she can be crude and harsh, only thing Cristoval knows is he has to keep her safe not only from their shared enemies but from anguish threatening to take her from him once and for all.

In book 3 of the Lycan Warriors, the sole remaining twin of Solomonís mercenary group finally gets a chance to show that there is a softer side to her. Dragana has been one constant hard case from the beginning and on occasions Iíve wondered who would ever want such a hard woman. In Carnal, we see that the trauma of losing her twin and facing death has caused her to soften in a way that makes her open to the chance at love. Cristoval, her lycan lover, was a perfect fit for the wild woman, just the right size and with a personality able to control the somewhat unstable personality of Dragana. I think what I loved most about him is he really and truly loved her. It didnít matter that she was a loose cannon, or more at home with her guns and fighting than she was anything soft and feminine. Fans of wild and rough werewolves will fall in love with Carnal but I must recommend you start from book 1 to really get a feel for this rough and tumble group of lycans who you canít help but fall in love with from the first bite!


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