Can’t Hide Love by Alice Gaines

Cerridwen Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9781419912917

Reviewed By Tori



Jack Bugalli is a traditional sort of guy.  He does not believe in sex outside of a committed relationship, and certainly not in one night stands.  That is until he meets up with Raine one night at a bar in Napa. 

Raine Winstead has been used by men for her money in the past and does not want a relationship.  She went to a bar in a different town to find herself a man for one night.  She never imagined Jack would own the construction company hired to build a child care center onto the hospital she works for, or that she would long for more than that one night.

Can’t Hide Love is a fun clever story and Jack and Raine fit well together.  If I had to find something bad about this book it is that Jack often refers to his “private part” as John Thomas.  The first few times it was really clever but by the end of the book it was a bit of overkill.  Despite that one annoyance, I really enjoyed this story. It was fun to see the reserved Raine relate to Jacks close-knit, sometimes overpowering family.


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