Call of Temptation by Michelle M. Pillow

Call of the Lycan, Book 3

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781419914430

Reviewed by Lisa



Maybe not as strong as her mother or grandmother, Claudia Hughes however is a natural psychic. So when her intuition tells her to drive towards Rhode Island instead of her intended destination, Claudia switches course.

Old enough to vaguely remember the Middle Ages, James O’Connell of the Lycan clan O’Connell, is on a hunt.  His father, the King, has given James the task of hunting down an evil rogue Lycan named Meghan who is biting and killing young women as she travels the entire country.

James catches Meghan’s scent but is too late to stop her from biting Claudia.  Most humans die when bit, very few survive to become Lycans as the process is painful and brutal.  James tends to Claudia as her body changes giving them time to start caring and perhaps sharing their hearts with each other.  The moon is full, Meghan is spotted once again, the hunt is back on and it is time for Claudia to either change into a wolf or die in the attempt, breaking James’ heart.

Enough back-story is presented so that Call of Temptation is easily a stand-alone book, though I would recommend not missing the others in this series.  Call of Temptation has exciting battles, really hot sex and a wonderful alpha.  One small wrinkle for me is that though I understand Claudia is psychic and perhaps more accepting of supernatural beings, she is way too complacent about letting a virtual stranger cart her all over the place with barely a squeak.  Aside from that, author Michelle M. Pillow again gives us her first rate writing talent with a strong, steady plot, solid characters, juicy sex and an exciting finish.


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