By the Light of the Moon by Sydney Somers

New Concepts Publishing

Shapeshifter Romance

Reviewed by Tanya



Harley is looking for a nice, quiet vacation before she starts her new teaching job.  She has finally finished her book, and has decided to take up teaching and leave the investigative reporting to those who really want the lifestyle it entails.  But, before she goes her boss is making her go on one last assignment.  She is to investigate “something strange” that is going on at an adults only club in the Caribbean.  Not only that but she needs to either find her own man to accompany her or take the office geek.  She would love to take Cole, her hot neighbor, but since she recently propositioned him and was turned down she is thinking that is not such a good idea.

Cole has a few things that he needs to hide and not just personal relationship demons.  He has a furrier side that he is afraid of Harley seeing.  But, when he turned her down a couple of weeks ago he knows it was a mistake.  Now all he can think about is going with her on her “undercover” assignment so he can get her undercover. 

When she finally gives in and accepts she is confused about his intentions.  But, she decides that not only is there something going on at the resort but that they are going to hook up even if it is just for this assignment.  What will happen though when Harley finds out more than she expected about Cole and the other vacationers?

By the Light of the Moon is a shapeshifting romance where the shapeshifting part sneaks up on you and enhances the story rather than detracts from it.  I love how the neighbors have been attracted to each other forever but Cole is reluctant, mostly due to keeping his heart safe, or so he thinks.  This story also have me thinking twice about wandering down the pathways when on vacation in the Caribbean, he he.  I found this latest story by Ms. Somers to be well worth my time and hot enough to live up to the Caribbean setting where most of the book takes place in.  I think you too will enjoy By the Light of the Moon.


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