Burning Love by Melodee Aaron

Flights of Fancy, Book 1

Siren Publishing

Science Fiction/Paranormal

ISBN: 1-933563-96-6

Reviewed by Indy



As a diplomat, Star Hawkins is tasked with making contact with an alien race of beings. Not confident in her abilities, she hopes she doesnít bring shame to the crew depending on her. Jake Spencer, a hard edged marine who has been around the galaxy a time or two, doesnít understand why the red-headed Star sends his thoughts into foreign territory. Territory filled with more than just sensual images but also softer and gentler emotions. Uncomfortable with sending Star into the clutches of aliens who are being less than honest, Jake will make it his personal mission to keep her safe even if it is without her permission. Krell, the main contact that Jake feels in his gut is a threat to Star, is not all he seems and his feelings for Star go far beyond what is acceptable from the aliens in charge. As Star, Jake and Krell come to terms with their growing emotional attachment the crew of the HMSS Daedalus will find themselves in an inferno that might be the beginning of their last voyage.

I consider myself a baby fan of the science fiction genre. I enjoy some of the interesting worlds created and the intriguing technological advancements described by the author. In Burning Love, the heroine Star and her hero Jake come across an alien who has the ability to manipulate power and can provide you with the feeling of love by a mere touch. As exciting as the basics of the story were, I have to admit to finding the beginning of the story a little hard to follow and for the most part slow. I was surprised also at the rating because outside of a few sexy encounters the story was pretty mild both in basic action, as well as personal encounters between the heroine and the man and alien who desired her. Iíve read a few of Melodee Aaron stories and I will continue to be a fan I just think this story fell short of the mark when it came to being engaging or a story I would want to read again.


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