Buck Wild by Dallas Coleman, Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga

Torquere Press

Gay Cowboy Romance Anthology

ISBN: (13) 978-1-60370-204-1; (10) 1-60370-204-0

Reviewed by Sabella



“Sanding Off the Edges” by BA Tortuga

Jack is having a crappy day – his water heater broke, his truck is not running and to top it all off his sister broke her elbow.  But Jack has a twenty in his pocket begging to be spent on some cold beers to relax him.  However, when Jack gets to the bar he finds Deke, who is just the man to smooth out Jack’s rough edges…

“Sanding Off the Edges” is a great story about finding the perfect person to help you cut loose and let go after a tough day.  Jack and Deke prove that sometimes a little rough can go a long way to straighten a man out.


“Upside Down” by Dallas Coleman

Cory Haines has lead a wild life but now he is ready to settle down and claim the man he has always wanted and needed.  Still, JD has had enough of Cory barging into his life only to leave again when he gets restless or a hankering for the rodeo.  But how will JD react when Cory proves that JD needs what Cory gives him as much as Cory needs to give it to him – and this time permanently?

“Upside Down” is a tale about finally getting what you want.  Cory and JD are all about adding a little sting to their loving to keep things intense and their loving a little wild.


“Acting Out” by Julia Talbot

Colby is a wild man with a reckless streak a mile wide – but he has a reason for that.  When Sean comes looking for him to help out on a charity event Colby uses it to get the attention of the only person he is interested in…Sean.

“Acting Out” is a fun and sexy story that proves that even as grown-ups men will do the most reckless things to catch the notice of someone that they are interested in.  Colby and Sean are super hot together and not to be missed.


Buck Wild is a great anthology that shows how letting go can be more fun than anything else – especially when the going gets a little rough and wild.  All three stories will raise your blood pleasure and leave you craving a little of that wildness for yourself.  BA Tortuga, Dallas Coleman and Julia Talbot have written first-rate stories that all well worth staying up late to read.  Pick up Buck Wild it is a great read that will leave you well satisfied after turning the last page.


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