Broken Pottery by Carol Lynne

Campus Cravings, Book 6

Total E-bound Publishing

Gay Contemporary Romance (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-906328-66-5

Reviewed by Sabella



The first time Tony Bianchi met Daniel Willis he was instantly attracted, but something about the man seemed to send out sad vibes.  However, Tony didn’t find out how true that was until he went to visit Daniel one day and found him tied to his bed beaten within an inch of his life.  Now, all Tony wants to do is offer Daniel all his love and help the man feel safe, appreciated and most of all happy.  This last wish proves to be one of the hardest tasks Tony has ever tackled since Daniel seems to need a partner that demonstrates his “love” through inflicting pain – which Tony can’t bring himself to do.  Will Tony ever be able to convince Daniel that he loves him and that his love can be gentle, sweet and most importantly pain free?

Daniel Willis is searching for someone to love him, but he is used to love being demonstrated in painful and sometimes degrading ways.  However, when Tony finds him beaten and proceeds to shower him with gentleness and understanding Daniel has no idea what it means or how to deal with it.  As things become more serious and emotional between Daniel and Tony, the more lost Daniel feels because he has never had a relationship like this one.  Will Daniel ever feel comfortable enough with Tony to let his guard down and not need to be mastered in order to feel loved?

Broken Pottery is an emotional and sometimes painful story.  Tony is a strong confident man that doesn’t hesitate to show how he feels, but he is at a loss on how to deal with Daniel and his apparent need to be controlled.  Daniel is a talented artist, but he still isn’t fully formed as a man.  It is heart-wrenching to see Daniel struggle to come to terms with the realization that not all love brings pain and that his past has warped him in ways that he has never fully understood.  However, while this story is very emotional and sexy, it was frustrating that Daniel’s “growth” into a more secure man and the adjustment of his view of love was left out of the narrative and only referred to as an observation.  Broken Pottery is a poignant read that will hit the spot when you are searching for an angsty and erotic story.


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