Breaking the Rules by Summer Jordan


Total-e-bound Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN:  978-1-906328-55-9

Reviewed by Cassie



Divorcée Margo Allen is happy with her life.  She and her two best friends run a business, Wives-R-Us, and she’s recently bought a great Victorian house.  Unfortunately, when she’s painting it blue, a neighbor informs her she can’t use that color because his house is already that color.  Margo is annoyed by but also attracted to Britain “Brit” Hunter, but thinks nothing will come of it.

Brit Hunter has been burned by love before, but when he meets Margo he feels like he’s ready to give it another shot.  He likes her a lot, but will he be able to keep her when she realizes how far apart they are in age, and finds out the other secret he’s been keeping?

Breaking the Rules features something I haven’t read much of so far but I just might in the future—the older woman / younger man pairing.  Margo’s body, age, and attitude were all very refreshing.  Her occupation was a fun and creative touch.  I also enjoyed seeing a young man who wasn’t afraid to commit.  Brit’s grandfather and Margo’s friends were all interesting secondary characters who added a lot to the story.  Even with all those positives, however, I just couldn’t get into Breaking the Rules.  The dialogue often didn’t seem realistic, especially during love scenes.  There were also several conflicts that popped up out of nowhere and were resolved too easily.  While I applaud Summer Jordan for writing a spunky and fun older woman heroine, Brit and Margo’s love didn’t ring as true as I would have liked, because it seemed to be based primarily on sex.  Still, fans of the older woman / younger man genre may enjoy Breaking the Rules


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