Bounty by Dawn Montgomery


Changeling Press

Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-59596-936-1

Reviewed by Jambrea


Alexis Donavan is having fun with Mack until she is forced to take on a bounty or lose her ship.  Mack Hernandez is on the run and escaped death by being late for an assignment.

Will Alexis be forced to turn Mack in?  Could their relationship be more than just sex?  Will Mack escape with more than just his life?

Bounty is a sexy romp with a Johnny Mnemonic feel to it.  I love a book with action and Dawn Montgomery brings it on with a sexy bounty hunter.  A strong female lead is always good for me and Ms. Montgomery knows how to write a strong woman.  Poor Mack, all he wanted to do was his job and he gets the shaft because of a cover up!  Mack leads Alexis on a great chase and the two are wonderful together.  I really enjoyed the feel of this story from the action both in and out of bed.


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