Bound to the Tiger by Kate Hill

The Tiger, book 3

New Concepts Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60394-120-4

Reviewed by Lisa



Deep in the jungles of India, the weretiger clans are forced to fight rogues who do not follow the ways of the goddess with truth and honesty.  Zane loves his life in the jungle with his clan but deep down has never felt he truly fits in.  As a man Zane is half Indian and half British, as a weretiger he is a rare white tiger.

Beautiful, black vampiress Kesi is a member of the Wakened Veils, a worldwide group of supernatural women who champion victimized women.  Well over a thousand years old, Kesi still remembers her beatings and repeated rapes at the hands of her father and husband.

The leaders of the Wakened Veils and weretiger clan have decided to team up and choose Zane and Kesi to see if the two groups can work together.  Zane doesnít wish to leave India but agrees to work with the vampiress.  Kesi on the other hand absolutely hates the idea of working with a man.  Instant attraction between them doesnít help Kesi settle down at all.  If they donít get their heads in the right place mistakes could soon be made in very deadly situations.

Chock full of supernatural beings and an original plotline, Bound to the Tiger will appeal to readers of the paranormal genre.  Lovemaking between Zane and Kesi is scorching hot but the falling in love part never rang true for me.  Kesi is filled with such deep seated pain that she is downright cruel to Zane and itís hard to believe anyone would want her.  I love the concept of supernatural groups meting out justice and Iíd take Zane any day but Kesi truly accepting love is hard to swallow.


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