Bound in Fury by Dawn Montgomery

Bound, Book 2

Changeling Press

Paranormal, Angels & Demons

ISBN: 978-1-59596-872-2

Reviewed by Jambrea



Elena is struggling against the bonds that Drake is weaving around her.  She just wants to go back to her normal life.  Is that even possible?  Will Drake let her go?  Does she really want him to?

Drake is struggling with telling Elena the truth of what she has gotten herself into when she is taken from him.  Can he save her?  Will their bond be strong enough to face the Hunt?

Bound in Fury is just as hot as the first book, Bound in LustBound in Fury continues the story of Elena and Drake and it takes up right where Bound in Lust left off.  Dawn Montgomery did a great job showing the inner struggle Elena is going through.  Elena and Drake are so smoking hot, they steam up the pages and I love the sexual need between the two.  The story doesnít end here.  There is a third book.  I canít wait to see what happens next.


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