Bound Brits by Portia Da Costa, Sierra Cartwright, Lisabet Sarai, Barbara Huffert, Dakota Rebel, and Cassidy Ryan

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Bondage & BDSM/ M/M / Vampire/ Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-906328-92-4

Reviewed by Jambrea



The Retreat By Portia Da Costa

Sarah is excited about spending the weekend at an English country getaway with her wonderful boyfriend Ben,  but something is missing. Sarah just canít put her finger on it.  Ben has a few surprises that might help Sarah find that missing piece of their relationship puzzle.  Will she be able to handle what Ben has to offer?

The Retreat is sexy and hot and Portia Da Costa knows how to write sizzling scenes.  Ben sets just the right pace for Sarah to follow, bringing her into a world she was born for.


S & M 101 By Sierra Cartwright

Julia Landon needs a spanking and she thinks Trevor is just the man to give it to her.  Trevor takes his D/s seriously and will show Julia just what kind of Dom he is.  Will Julia be able to graduate from S & M 101?

S & M 101 is a lesson worth learning!  Sierra Cartwright knows all the steps of a hot story.  Julia really doesnít know what she is getting into, but Trevor is more than happy to show her the way.


Getaway Girl By Lisabet Sarai

Pegís dream man walked into the bar where she works and what she doesnít know about him could hurt her.  Lionel Hayes is a dangerous man and Peg gets more than she bargained for.  Can Peg forgive Lionel for kidnapping her?

Getaway Girl is pure fantasy for me.  Lisabet Sarai has a great writing style, but I had a hard time with Peg letting go of her fear so fast and that is why I say Getaway Girl is pure fantasy.  Some people have a fantasy about being kidnapped, but Iím not one of them.  The fear would get the better of me.  There was one part in the story when I was yelling at Peg: What about your sister?  Of course, Peg does beat herself up about her actions and that felt real to me.  I think this story would have worked better if it was a stand-alone and not part of an anthology so it had the time it needed to grow.


All Roads Lead to Ripton By Barbara Huffert

Jane is starting over and relived to be out of a bad relationship.  While sightseeing, Jane notices a man who seems to be wherever she is.  Simon took one look at Jane and wants her to be his.  Will Janeís past get in the way of her future?

All Roads Lead to Ripon is intriguing.  Barbara Huffert kept me guessing about Simon.  I thought for sure All Roads Lead to Ripon was going to have some paranormal elements because of Simonís secretive nature.  When I found out what Simon was all about, I had an ahhh moment.  Ms. Huffert kept me on my toes.


Kit and Mouse By Dakota Rebel

Kit doesnít know what to make of the shy man who approaches her.  He says he is there for his brother, but Kit only has eyes for the quite Mouse.  Mouse is more than he appears and he is ready to show Kit who is really in charge.

Kit and Mouse is smoking hot.  Mouse is fabulous!  I love how he comes out of his shell and gives Kit exactly what she needs.  When I first started reading Kit and Mouse, I really thought Kit would be the Dom of this story and was pleasantly surprised when Mouse showed his dark side.  Dakota Rebel had my attention for this whole story and I want more.  Iím going have to look into other stories by Ms. Rebel.  I donít think sheíll disappoint!


Bound by Love By Cassidy Ryan

Rhys is in love with Draven, but that is against the rules.  It was supposed to be all fun and games, but along the way, Rhys finds his love growing stronger.  Rhys canít show Draven his true feelings or Draven will be lost to him forever.  Will Rhys be able to hold his love inside? Or will it burst free, running Draven away forever?

Bound by Love is emotionally gripping.  Rhysí struggle to hold his love back is something that is so true.  My heart was breaking as Draven kept trying to push Rhys away.  These two men were meant for each other and Cassidy Ryan did a wonderful job putting the emotion on the page as well as the hot, steamy sex.


Bound Brits is wonderfully diverse and has something for everyone.  I enjoyed every minute of it and want to see what else these authors have to offer.


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