Body Parts by Adrianna Dane

Loose Id

M/M, Paranormal, Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-59632-611-8

Reviewed by Raine



Korrie works for the Morgan Institute as a researcher. She was suppose to be the doctor put on the Ransom Project until a colleague bumped her and got first shot at it. Now, Dr. Paul Carter is being pulled from the project for lack of progression and discrepancies in prior experiments with Korrie being sent to replace him. It is now Korrieís job to discover the secrets of the Ransomís scientific experiment.

Athan was the product of an experiment doctors Shelba and Cornelius Ransom made and was never able to repeat. With rumors of how Athan came into existence heís learned not to trust anyone with the knowledge he holds. Athan was made to be the perfect love machine, however till he finds the mate who can complete him, he will never be completely satisfied. He is leery of Korrie when she shows up at the mansion as yet another researcher digging for the past. What he does not count on is, actually liking her for who she is and what she stands for.

Body Parts is a great story with a very detail oriented plot. This isnít your typical erotic suspense romance filled with sex. This story has substance that you must heed it as you read to understand all of its complexities with characters that are very developed. Body Parts has a happy ending, however there is a twist at the end that was a little different and VERY sci-fi. If you enjoy sci-fi material I think youíll love Body Parts.


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