Bloody English by Renee George

Changeling Press

M/M Paranormal Vampires

ISBN: 978-1-59596-944-6

Reviewed by Ley



Alistair Simms lives a secluded and very lonely life. Condemned to eternal life, the 154-year-old vampire made a vow to protect and watch over his brotherís children for as long as he walked the earth.  When his great-nephew goes missing, Alistairís one hope of finding him turns out to be the first person to stir emotions he thought were long gone.

Samuel King lives a simply life. Born and raised Amish, he continues to follow his Amish upbringing even though he never returned home after his rumspinger 16 years ago.  Working as a private detective, he lives his life by the book and never lets anything deter him from the case at hand or from his beliefs. After one meeting with the mysterious relative of his new missing person case he found himself wanting to give in to the feelings that led him to leave his home in the first place.

Bloody English was a really good read.  Alistair and Samuel are two lonely people who make an unlikely couple, but when they get together it is so right.  I really liked both theses guys.  Alistair was a lost soul condemned to live an eternity carrying around the guilt of actions he had no control over.  Even though he vowed to look after his brotherís kin over the generations heís never allowed himself to get close to any of them and never allowed anyone to penetrate the solitude of his life.  He was lonely and he felt he deserved to live that way.  Sam also lived alone, but for religious reasons, he tried to continue his Amish ways including no modern appliances and no sexual contact.  About ten minutes after meeting Alistair the no sexual contact rule was out the window.  Renee George did a great job in making the reader want so much for these two men to find happiness together and when they did, it was beautiful.  Bloody English will definitely leave you with a smile on your face.


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