Bloodhunter by Vonna Harper

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-900-X

Reviewed by Jo



Dana Mallon has felt a calling to the jaguar since she was a teenager.  It was then that she designed and had a unique tattoo applied to her hip.  Now, many years later, Dana is on a game preserve, taking pictures.  One of the residents, a sole male jaguar, grabs Dana’s attention.  While focusing on him, Dana sees a sexy dark man and her tattoo suddenly come to life. 

Nacon is still learning his way around the current world after being in limbo.  He is not sure what brought him out until he meets Dana.  The sexual explosion between them is immediate and not to be denied.  However, there is more to show Dana about their world together and Nacon knows this from the beginning.   Even while not able to deny her need for Nacon, Dana is still confused and a bit scared about the things being revealed to her.  Past and present blend together when Dana and Nacon travel and discover if their need for each other has a future.

Bloodhunter brings the ancient past to the present and back again.  Dana knows that some things about her family are different, but even she was unprepared for her feelings for a lone jaguar and the man that seems to have a lot in common with him.  Nacon was put on a path not of his choosing, but he accepted the decision and now he has to show Dana that some things are more than they seem.  The heated sex began almost from the beginning and soon became a necessity to both Dana and Nacon.  I enjoyed how Ms. Harper twisted the plot around legend and a people of which not a lot is known.  However, in the end, I was not able to feel the depth of intense feeling that both Dana and Nacon felt.  The paranormal aspect in Bloodhunter was interesting and very different, but I felt that the romance did just not connect between the characters. 


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