Blindfold Me by Tuesday Morrigan

Loose ID

BBW, BDSM, Multicultural, Polyamorous, Futuristic, Vampire/Werewolf,    Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-643-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Carla Ruiz has an I.Q. of 167.   As the creator of Genesis, microscopic robots capable of curing genetic diseases and severe injury, one would think that this would bring her acclaim.  Instead, she loses her job at Unisis lab and winds up in imminent danger.  Some see Genesis as their destruction, and not a miracle of science.  Others, like The Black Queen, Ruler of Suicide City, see Genesis as their salvation.  The Black Queen is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure Carla’s safety, so she sends her strongest champions, a master vampire and a werewolf, known as Les Deux Anges, to protect and escort Carla (along with Genesis) to Suicide City. 

From the moment she meets Jasper and Hunter, Carla cannot resist her feelings and her passion.  Unfortunately, being a genius has not been a plus in the romance department.   She’s convinced that they must be totally insane to want a woman like her.  Most important, Jasper and Hunter are delusional since everyone knows that vampires and werewolves do not exist.   Right?  

Carla Ruiz is about to be yanked out of her sterile world of facts and numbers, and plunged into supernatural intrigue and toe-curling times under the covers with two of the hottest men to scorch her receptors.

Blindfold Me is cyberpunk with a splash of Underworld except the heroine is a human scientist.   Carla’s self-confidence (outside of her abilities as a scientist) evolves once she’s out on the road with Les Deux Anges, but I found her insecurity irritating at times.   I’m surprised she didn’t work Jasper and Hunter’s nerves, too.   Certainly, she is a resilient woman and proves assertive in the face of everything that happens to her. 

Tuesday Morrigan balances Jasper and Hunter’s characters so that you fall in love with them as much as Carla.  Sometimes in ménage stories, one character will overshadow the other.  This is not the case with Les Deux Anges.   You get your equal share and time to savor their differences, and I must say you will be jealous that Carla gets to have every delectable inch of this alpha pair all to her self. 

This was my first time reading Ms. Morrigan’s work and the sex scenes nearly burned out my retinas.  The action and suspense keep the story from sagging in the middle, and the bad guys/girls never quit.   Overall, Blindfold Me kick starts Carla as the “damsel-in-distress” before bringing in a pair of savory lovers to rev things up, and then gunning its way to a surprise finish.


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