Blame it on the Moon by Shara Lanel

Loose Id

Erotic Werewolf/BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-59632-605-7

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Haden Blackwood has to be on his toes around Kitty Lazarus.  Not only does he desire her, but he thinks about her constantly, as well.  Then there is the fact that she always seems to know what he's thinking, and while that might be okay once in a while, he's sure she's bound to get tired of all the carnal thoughts running through his head concerning her. Haden has another secret as well, one that could send Miss Kitty Lazarus screaming into the night.

Kitty Lazarus has a gift. Able to read and hear the thoughts of others, she always knows what everyone is thinking.  Comes in handy sometimes, but sometimes it's very annoying like now, when she can see in her head all of the deliciously naughty things Haden Blackwood wants to do to her and with her. 

I found this book to be enchanting.  I love how Haden tried his best to keep Kitty away from the bad parts of his life.  His trying to not love her was the best, I think, because he just couldn't force himself not to do it. 

Blame it on the Moon is a wonderful Shapeshifter novel with suspense added in to top out a really great plot and storyline. I devoured this baby in one sitting!


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