Black Star Diamond by Marteeka Karland

Black Star, Book 3

Changeling Press

Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-629-2

Reviewed by Lisa



The effects of the Blood Burning are driving second-in-command officer, and vampire, Viktor insane.  The lack of sex and blood will make the insanity permanent if Viktor doesnít find someone to help him on the Black Star as they are too far from his home, the vampire planet Dragoon.

To pay back a debt of honor, Diamond offers herself to Viktor.  Previously saved from the Hand of God cult, Diamond is now living on the Black Star warship and feels that perhaps providence has brought her to Viktor as she is the only one who can help the vampire.

Black Starís pilot Ranier has quietly had feelings for Viktor for some time and also feels a growing attachment for Diamond.  They may have different reasons but Viktor, Diamond and Ranier all need each other.  Taking a chance on heartbreak or becoming part of a whole is the decision that must be made.

Third in an exciting futuristic tale, Black Star Diamond is a terrific addition.  This story is strong enough to stand alone but some character development and references to previous exploits makes me wish that I had read the other books.  Author, Markeeta Karland, gives readers a future kind of swashbuckling pirate story, with lots of alpha characters hiding tender hearts.  I enjoyed the fast pace, scorching sexual interludes and the overall entertaining style found in Black Star Diamond.


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