Billy and Bear by Vic Winter

Torquere Press

Gay Paranormal

Reviewed by Cassie



Billy has been working a lot of mandatory overtime lately, and heís exhausted.  Still, he needs the money so he canít turn down the hours.  Then one night a gang of thugs attacks Billy, who is saved by his dog, Bear.  Bear has a secret though, that only Billy knows.  When each day brings new reports of a vicious dog attacking citizens, Billy begins to fear for his unusual loverÖ

Billy and Bear is an interesting twist on the Were genre.  Rather than being a wolf, Bear is an actual dog.  His origins are different from the usual werewolf fare as well, making this story unique in several aspects.  I liked the way sweet, protective Billy was willing to do anything for Bear.  There was some suspense in Billy and Bear, and quite a few scorching hot scenes.  If youíre in the mood for a werewolf tale with a new slant, pick up Billy and Bear


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