Bijouís Bonds by Anh Leod

Torrid Tarot

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419912238

Reviewed by Indy



As the Brotherhoodís historian Bijou was a woman filled with facts, knowledge and a ravenous appetite for more of both. A lone Tarot reading spoke of a future filled with negative situations that would test her resolve in ways sheíd yet to imagine. Finding herself mated to the Alpha leader of a rival clan was only the beginning as Bijou and Magnus, the alpha of the Legion clan find themselves mated and unsure of the otherís true heart. One childish misdeed will affect both their clans as two stubborn individuals try to come to terms with a relationship capable of spelling death for the both of them.

As befitting a story of werewolves in love, things donít come easy for Bijou and Magnus as fate throws these two headstrong individuals into each otherís path. Bijouís Bonds is another fascinating entry into the Torrid Tarot line of books that uses the Tarot deck as inspiration. Anh Leodís couple is connected strongly as the pair learns how to come to terms with a path neither chose but could do little to ignore. The constant tug-of-war between Magnus and Bijou was dizzying, one moment full of heat the next full of uncertainty. Interesting to put it mildly I found this latest effort from Ms. Leod engaging and one that made me hope to see more from these two clans who are bond by the mating of their clansmen.


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