Bewitched By Fate by Lee Morrison

Faery Rose

The Wild Rose Press

Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Katherine



Lucas Black may have lost his wife only five years earlier, but it seemed he had been mourning for longer.  Although he was a warlock, and gifted with powers that made him a legend, he hadnít been able to prevent her death.  So he had left Leto Island with his daughter and lived on Earth, forsaking magic.

Magic wasnít something that he could escape.  His daughter was coming into her own powers, and he was dreaming of a woman.  Lucas had no intention of starting a new relationship, but he knew it was time to return to Leto Island, if only for a week, to allow Erin to experience the annual Halloween Festival.  He hadnít counted on Erinís complete joy at the experience, nor of meeting Ashley Stevens, the woman whose spirit he had met in his dreams.

It would be a time of healing, for them all.

Bewitched By Fate is a poignant story of a man finally allowing the pain of his loss to be set aside.  Lucas had focused so much on forgoing magic that he had almost lost sight of the fact that Erin needed to learn and experience her own powers.  Ashley is the perfect woman in helping Lucas come to terms with this.  Although I found the romance touching, the focus of the story truly is Lucasí acceptance of the past and his decision to start living for the future.  Still, it was an enjoyable story.


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