Best Friends Share Everything by Marissa de A’more

Forbidden Publications


Reviewed by Patrice F.



Sexy red-haired Michelle and lovely Latina Mandy are fun-loving BFFL. It goes without saying they have each others’ backs. Sometimes this means pretending to be a couple to ward off persistent guys!  But what happens when the “horny, green M&M’s” decide to satisfy their curiosity and explore their fantasies?  Opportunity knocks when Michelle brings home an adult game and Mandy is all too willing to join in the fun.

Best Friends Share Everything is a spicy vignette with enough visual imagery that I felt as if I were watching racy scenes featuring Mandy and Michelle. Ms. De A’more is on top of her game when it comes to exploring passion between these two fiery young women. The story is quite realistic, and the energy is fresh and vibrant. This was a fun read, very different from my usual tastes and I’m pleased to say that I enjoyed the change of pace.


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