Beneath a Christmas Moon by Karen McCullough , Ariana Dupre , Eden Robins


Paranormal Romance Anthology

ISBN: 9781419913280

Reviewed by Tanya



“Lander's Moon” by Eden Robins

Selena may have a thing for bad boys but, no way is she going to let one push her around in violence.  When she takes off to escape from her boyfriend into the woods during a snowstorm she recognizes she might die from the elements.  She never expected to be rescued by one of the most gorgeous men she has ever seen.  But, why does she keep thinking it was a lion and not a man that rescued her?  While she is stranded by the storm they both grow closer.  Has Lander finally found the woman to accept him as he is?  And what about Selena’s cruel ex-boyfriend?

Ms. Robins has taken a tough subject of domestic violence and turned the story into one of hope and relationship building.  I thoroughly enjoyed how doing the right thing by escaping turns into the best thing that Selena could ever do. “Lander’s Moon” was well written and I found it to be a heart warming story with a strong message.


“Paradise Designs” by Ariana Dupre

Tara is in a new home and finally seems to be putting her life on track and doing what she wants.  She has always denied her psychic abilities, though they are always on her mind.  She has crafted ways to keep them at bay but, what will she do when she suddenly sees the spirit of a women in her condo that was murdered on the site, prior to the condo’s being built?  Especially since she finally has a neighbor, and boy is he a man she wants to get to know better.  Not only that but David seems to be interested in her also, and doesn’t think she is completely nuts when circumstances take a turn for the worse.  Now is Tara being stalked by a ghost or a real person?

I admit I am not usually fond of stories with ghosts I them but, I must admit that Ms. Dupre crafted a story that both kept me intrigued and on the edge of my seat.  I thoroughly enjoyed “Paradise Designs” and especially her hunky hero.  Hats off to you, Ms. Dupre, for a well written story.


“Vampire's Christmas Carol” by Karen McCullough

Carol is so lost she is not sure what part of the state she is even in.  Blast those detours, and on Christmas Eve to boot.  The problem is that she is the last thing that Michael needs on this night.  This is the last night he has to stay away from human blood to keep from completing the final turn into a vampire.    He has lasted 99 years and 364 days will he be able to last the final one?  At the same time the two seem to be soul mates, but what will they do with no future together?

Karen McCullough has taken a different approach to the current love of vampires in “Vampire’s Christmas Carol”.  Her story is a wonderful look at someone who doesn’t want to be one, and who is willing to do anything to keep from becoming one.  But, in true fate, or bad luck, might just have found his soul mate.  I found this a wonderful suspense and emotion filled story.


Beneath a Christmas Moon has it all for paranormal story lovers.  You have vampires, shape shifters and ghosts all in one little package.  All of the stories center around the power of the full moon, and this one happens to tie together the holiday season as well.  I found all three stories to be very well written and intriguing in their own right.  Whether it is Christmas of summer you will enjoy this anthology and want more from each of these authors.


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