Beau's Quest by Kate Hofman

Triangle of Love

The Dark Castle Lords Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-921347-50-4

Reviewed by Ley



While visiting his aunt in Ocean Breeze, Florida, Beauís trip turns out to be better than expected when he meets his aunt's next door neighbor Alicia ĎLiseí MacLean.  Beau and Lise find they have a lot in common. Aside from them both losing their spouses in tragic accidents, they also share the same occupation. They begin a friendship that soon turns romantic.  Womanizing men and flirtatious women try their best to come between Beau and Lise. Will their newly-found love be enough to overcome this and other obstacles thrown in their path?

Beauís Quest is a modern day romance that comes across as an historical romance.  Beauís macho attitude is perfect for a hero of a past era.  The story itself is okay, sweet but very predictable.  I liked Lise, even though I felt she catered way too much to Beauís needs and allowed him way too much control.  For readers looking for a sweet romance with the typical and some not so typical conflicts of trying to make a new relationship work, then Beauís Quest is a good choice.


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