Back To the Past by Jade Falconer


M/M Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59426-795-6

Reviewed by Ley



For two history enthusiasts, being selected to appear on a reality show that will transport them back in time is a fantasy come true.  Noah has been a history nerd, as he refers to himself, since he was kid and he always wanted to know what it was like to live off the land without the technology of today, which is rather ironic for the owner of a computer consulting company.  His excitement increases when he metes Ethan, the man who is to be his servant.  Ethan, a history professor on sabbatical, signed up to be on the program not only for his love of history, but also because it would be a great research opportunity.  He never expected to meet someone like Noah.  Starting a new relationship is never easy, but itís even more difficult when you have a camera crew following you around.

Back to the Past is a sweet and easy read that I enjoyed very much.  Noah is cute and adorable and Ethan is incredibly sweet. They develop a loving relationship fairly quickly, but I guess it happens that way when you meet your soul mate.  For readers looking for something light, sweet and all around loving Back to the Past is the book for you.


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