A Valentine’s Gift for Tori by Zenobia Renquist

Red Rose Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60435-099-7
Reviewed by Tori



Tori is in a dull marriage.  She has not had sex for two years and knows just what she wants for Valentine’s day this year, now she needs to convince her husband to accept her plan.  Tori wants a boyfriend, her marriage is comfortable and she does not want a divorce, but she wants to spice it up a bit.

When Christian agrees to her plan, but he wants to watch. Tori sets off to seduce the office flirt but it is only two weeks until Valentine’s day.  Will she find someone willing in time?

A Valentine’s Gift for Tori was actually better then I thought it would be.  The story line caught my eye and I liked how it was all threaded together.  I did find some of the language unrealistic, or juvenile.  One part had Tori changing into a sexy outfit but she thought that the men would think she was “dropping a load.”  I don’t know anyone that talks that way.  Overall it was a good story, I liked it.


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