At Love’s Command by Samantha Kane

Brother’s in Arms, Book 4

Ellora’s Cave

GLBT Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-1-41991-404-1

Reviewed by Sabella



Sophie Middleton will do anything – anything to get away from her family.  When she was betrothed to Ian as a young girl, she viewed him as her escape from her torment, but as the years have passed Sophie is beginning to doubt that Ian will ever honor their betrothal and be her rescuer. Suddenly, after twelve years of waiting, Ian asks for Sophie to be brought to London and become his bride, but will Sophie leave one hell to enter another where she will remain unwanted and unloved?

Ian Witherspoon and Derek Knightly started their relationship while they were away in the continent for the Peninsular War.  But now that they are back Ian wants to get married in the hopes that adding a woman to their relationship will help Derek banish the demons he battles on a nightly basis.  However, Derek is doing his best to stop this from happening – after all what will a woman add to their relationship?  Nothing, in Derek’s opinion.  But the more time Derek spends running away from an emotional commitment to Sophie, Ian’s bride, the more she pulls at his heart.

Will Ian ever be able to convince these two damaged people that they can find the love, support and acceptance that they crave by the three of them coming together?

At Love’s Command is an emotional story that takes a meandering path through the minefield of emotions left after a horrendous war and the redemption of the soul through love.  Ian and Derek have both come home emotionally crippled from their experiences in the Peninsular War.  Ian holds on through the use of wit and humor while Derek uses sarcasm and sharp offensive humor.  Both men find in each other shelter and love, but when Sophie is added to the mix it forces them to focus their energies on the future and Sophie rather than the past.  Sophie, also a damaged soul, grows from the timid mousy woman that she starts out being to become a strong woman that becomes the center of this unique relationship. As the story unfolds, it is easy to become wrapped up in the emotional turmoil that each character experiences and feel their elation at finding such clear love from the other two.  And let’s not forget when Ian, Derek and Sophie come together, their passion is so explosive that it will blow you away.  At Love’s Command is a great read that will keep you glued to your screen and turning the pages to find out how these three will come together and all the steamy moments in between!


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