A Spirit United by L. Shannon

Origins, Book 4

Cobblestone Press

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60088-186-2

Reviewed by Katherine



Vali and Deltinica loved each other and the family that had grown from their love over the centuries.  Life was not perfect, especially since their offspring and future generations shared the same curse that Vali suffered.  They were only in their human form for three days and nights in a month.  The rest of the month, their wolf took control.

At Deltinicaís urging, Vali goes to Odin to plea for a cure for his family.  He makes a bargain, but only for a name.  He would send one of his children as a champion to a sorcerer who might be able to find, if not a cure, a way for them to live easier with their wolf.  Morna was sent to help guide the champion to the sorcerer.

Vulf was chosen to be champion, but he didnít believe in their quest.  The three days he was human, Vulf felt awkward.  Being with Morna, Vulf found himself drawn to her, but there was no way he would have a mate who was forced to live her life as his mother had.

Morna was both afraid and attracted to Vulf.  She knew that he was a killer, but whether in wolf or human form, she inexplicably felt safe with him.  Still, to be with Vulf, Morna would have to choose to give up much more than he knew. 

Origins:  A Spirit United continues L. Shannonís history of her various series within The Valafrn.  Although it has a romance, the focus is to learn more of what created them.  This book follows Valiís Curse, but stands alone.  However, having read Valiís Curse, and now A Spirit United, I feel that there needs to be closure in a following book.  I enjoy this series and learning the background to L Shannonís world. 


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