A Snowball’s Chance by L. Shannon


Changeling Press

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-59596- 911-8

Reviewed by Ley



Given the chance to escape death or die alone in an icy frozen grave, the choice is simple, or is it? Josh is losing hope of being found when he awakens after a skiing accident and finds himself trapped. He begins to think he’s hallucinating when the demon of death appears and offers him a chance to survive.

A Snowball’s Chance is a quick, hot and sexy tale of demon and human erotic lust.  Chance, a hot and sexy death demon offers Josh the chance to survive his frozen grave if he can satisfy him multiple times. The satisfaction goes both ways, and if Josh reaches his goal he gets to live too.  A Snowball’s Chance is quite imaginative and in my opinion a win-win situation.


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