A Question of Sex by G.A. Hauser

Linden Bay Romance

Contemporary m/f/m

ISBN:  978-1-60202-032-0

Reviewed by Beth Anne



When twenty-three year old Sharon Tice meets eligible bachelor and architectural designer Mark Antonious Richfield, it’s both love and lust at first site.  Mark, at twenty-five, is appealingly attractive to both men and women which confuses everyone he meets while adding to age-old resentment he’s lived with for a number of years, receiving criticism from family, friends, and acquaintances for his charisma and sex appeal. 

G. A. Hauser presents a lively assortment of characters in A Question of Sex, from Sharon’s younger sister Katie, to Sharon’s best friend Candice, Sharon’s homophobic father, as well as Mark’s best friend Jack, and Mark’s parents.  Difficult choices for anyone coming of age and falling in love are addressed in this steamy and rocky relationship between Sharon and Mark.

I enjoyed A Question of Sex, though the dialog at times would not have been my choice (I’m not sure I’d ever call my Dad “Daddy” in a professional working environment) and there were moments in the story where I felt Sharon was immature (was I ever that young?).  Mark is full of angst and has his own issues dealing with his sexual appeal, and the roommate Jack?  Jack’s a criminal lawyer, but by himself makes being a muscle eye-candy jock seem criminal.  There are plenty of fun, snappy, and sultry moments as well as conflict, high tempers and higher passions to make A Question of Sex an enjoyable and delightful read.


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