Aquatic Alliance by Mary Winter

Loose Id

Fantasy Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-584-5

Reviewed by Jo



Herma of the Shimmertail clan has agreed to an arranged marriage for a couple of reasons. The first is the one everyone is buzzing about: the alliance of the two clans after many years of distrust. But her main reason is to find out what happened to her beloved aunt and why all leads end with the Silverfin. If only Herma didnít also feel something for her groom, Egeus. Egeus of the Silverfin clan has waited a long time for his marriage and he agreed, even knowing that if Herma learns of the secret the Silverfins hold, he may lose her. However, Egeus hopes that he can show her just how good they are together before Herma discovers what she is looking for.

Knowing time is not on his side, Egeus decides to start out by showing Herma the wonders of marriage, beginning with a wedding night Herma never dreamed of. The attraction she has always felt for Egeus has quickly become passion and maybe even love. Egeus and Herma have to make a choice when Herma discovers all the answers to her questions and is given a choice that will either bind her and Egeus forever, or separate them for all time.

Aquatic Alliance begins with a marriage that is agreed to for different reasons by the bride and groom. Herma wants to be able to look around the Silverfin clan home in hopes of finding out what happened to her aunt. Egeus just wants Herma and hopes beyond anything that he can show her the joy their marriage will hold. The understanding that both Herma and Egeus give each other adds to the building passion between them. When Egeus has to stand back and allow Herma to make her choice, I found myself hoping she would make the choice that would keep her with Egeus. I know that love usually conquers all, but there are two very different but very strong types of love intertwined within Aquatic Alliance. The final choices made by not only Egeus and Herma, but also another, give the book the perfect ending. After I finished, I found myself wondering which choice I would take if I ever had to make that decision. I hope that I, too, would do as Herma does.


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