A Prince for Sophie by Morgan Ashbury

Magic and Love, Book 3

Siren Publishing

Contemporary Romance (with a little Fantasy)

ISBN: 1-606010-12-3

Reviewed by Tanya



Sophie de la Croix is a royal princess of Boisdemer and looks so similar to her former mother that many think she is supposed to be just like her.  But Sophie harbors a secret; she is not the cold woman her mother was.  She knows this, but there was so much teaching by her mother and her Nanny to the contrary, she is convinced it is possible, that over time, she just might turn as cold as her mother.  She has vowed to never do to a child what was done to her and, therefore, will never have children.  This is a secret she has never told anyone.  But what she doesn’t know is that the fairy godmothers won’t settle for that with “their Sophie” and there is a little magic planned for her.

Crown Prince Stephan of Montegermane is known as the playboy prince.  What many don’t know is that he is also a trained child psychologist and isn’t really as bad as his reputation would lead one to believe.  He definitely is not looking for romance when he comes to be best man at his childhood friend’s wedding.  With Phillip and Catherine finally getting married, Stephan arrives for the rehearsal and nuptials.  What he doesn’t count on is being drawn to Sophie with such intensity.  He sets out to melt her heart and gain a few kisses along the way.  He doesn’t count on falling head over heels for her, nor does he expect her resistance.  What is a prince to do?  Well, there is a family history of kidnapping, hmm…

As part of this story, we finally see the culmination of the later-in-life romance of Alex and Hannah. Yes!

A Prince for Sophie is the perfect end to the fairy godmother trilogy.  It is a heart-warming romance coupled with a look into just what a parent can impose on a person's psyche, with a lot of strict specific ideas and influences, and how love can conquer even that.  That being said, this is a light-hearted, thoughtful story and one trilogy that I am sorry to see ended.  I love the fairy godmothers and how they are woven into this modern day fairy tale.  If you like stories about princes and princesses with a modern flare, you need to run out and get this story. Do not hesitate.  A Prince for Sophie made me laugh out loud and get teary-eyed, which for me is a good sign of a story that I am drawn into.  I look forward to reading more by Ms. Ashbury.


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