A Personal Statement by Ansley Vaughan

Freyaís Bower

M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



Living a political life means nothing is off limits when there is a good scandal to be revealed.  Pascal Dumont learns this firsthand when he begins an affair with his male intern, Todd Panopoulos, and the fine line between his personal life and professional life becomes nonexistent.  When his affair is discovered, Pascal has to face parliament and give up any chance of ever becoming Britainís next Prime Minster.  As his life drastically changes, Pascal learns he was placing his trust in the wrong people.

A Personal Statement is very intriguing. Pascalís life is not a simple one, heís divorced, and engaged, having an affair with his American intern plus he has to watch his back for reporters and his political enemy, Jack Wickham.  I didnít know who to trust, no one is without sin in this story. I went from disbelief and heartache to sweet, heartwarming happiness as good and bad revelations were revealed.  I was surprised with how it all played out but very satisfied with it. I donít want to say too much and reveal any of the secrets, but I have to say A Personal Statement is a good story with a very surprising ending.


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